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Your dog comes into my home to be with me and my dogs as part of our family. I am passionate about you getting a relationship with your dog that you can be proud of.

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I have several different approaches to helping you. 1-2-1 Training Lessons, Day School Training, Board and Train Residential courses.

1-2-1 Lessons and Packages

This is usually a 60 minute lesson, (initial lessons are typically 90 minutes). I will come and meet you at a convenient time and place to guide you with your training of your dog. We can work on whatever issues that need addressing or use the time to initially ascertain what needs working on. We can also look at a tailored package of lessons like the "Walk Workshop" that specifically deals with the common issues of pulling on a lead and lack of Heel work.

Day Training

This is good as a follow up to a 1-2-1 lesson when you are finding a certain aspect of training difficult to achieve. Your dog comes to me for the day, just like school for dogs. During the day I will work on the aspects of behaviour that you need help with. This can be one day, several days in a row or a regular weekly schedule.

Board and Train

A Board and Train residential attendance is typically for 4 weeks. This program allows me to address more difficult issues or allows you the ease of having the training carried out whilst you are away on business or holiday. The important handover at the the end allows me to give you the instruction and guidance to carry this training over to your home.


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